GEN-ZiNE is a publication dedicated to addressing contemporary issues through the lens of Generation Z. 
We are a community of writers, thinkers, and artists who come together to voice our concerns and cultivate a deeper understanding of contemporary issues and responses to them. 
We educate our readers on a variety of social issues and provide them with language and tools to take our critiques from text into action.
Change is hard, but hand-in-hand together, our generation can tackle anything. 

During our freshman year of college –  Anushka, Sam, and Eden – met in a class called Designing Media for Social Change. Our capstone project was the first issue of GEN-ZiNE – gendered violence: disciplining the body. Since then, GEN-ZiNE has continued to release print zines. Along the way, our community of writers, thinkers, and artists have grown with us.  

The GEN is our online community to share stories in response to current events, and or highlight concerns that do not fall into the categories of one of our print zines. It is a place for stories and narratives that otherwise might not be told, driven by the voices of Generation Z.