A Letter from the Daughter of First Responders

By Sarah Brengman.

My whole life I have watched my parents go to work and put the needs of their patients above their own. The developing COVID-19 crisis has been no exception. Few times have I seen my parents so exhausted and busy, or seen them come home to immediately turn on the news, or answer so many phone calls and questions, but they do it with a sense of confidence and ease. They have embodied the WWII saying “keep calm and carry on.”

History has shown us time and time again the best and worst of our humanity. A few days ago, I went to the grocery store and watched an elderly couple pick through the remains of a panic sorted, empty grocery store. When I passed them 6 feet apart in the aisle, they asked me if I needed anything and immediately showed concern for me. Members of the more virus vulnerable population showed the best of humanity to me.

I am not trying to undermine the situation. What we are seeing with COVID-19 is unprecedented in all of our lifetimes. Our current circumstances are not business as usual. Trust me, as a senior in college, now finishing her last semester at home, I have some understanding of this. But I challenge you to show the best of your humanity.

Social distancing and the guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control are not a joke. Don’t put vulnerable populations at risk, even if you feel it’s silly. Most people don’t need 16 packs of Gatorade or toilet paper. Some people may not be able to push, shove, and yell. Some people cannot afford to panic hoard. Elderly people and the immunodeficient should not have to go to 6 stores to get their necessities and risk exposure.

Panic is understandable, this is an unnerving situation. But remember this...

Keep calm, be smart, be kind, and carry on. There are people showing the best parts of our humanity out there, try to show yours too.

All the Best,

Sarah Brengman

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