Architects are you killing our environment?

By Ceanha

Fortunately due to current society adults, teens and even children! Have been educated on the sudden environmental issues increasingly rising. Topics like green house gasses, acid rain and even you local cow have something to do with the environments destruction


Do they know architects may also have a role to play in this ‘destruction’

I recently read into a MOOC design course which portrayed how negative the use of the material cement is towards the environment.

Now here comes the ‘techie’ talk’

Cement is often criticised for being one of the main producers of carbon dioxide, an extremely potent green house gas that leads to problems like health issues, climate change and or air pollution

Really the list goes on!

The thing is cement is damaging so much so it can damage the most fertile layer of earth, the topsoil.

In addition to this, the material retakes hard surfaces which contribute to ‘surface runoff’ whereby a flow of water occurs on the ground when liquids like rain water, storm water and or meltwater etc can no longer sufficiently infiltrate in the soil. So instead of the water being absorbed by grass it just stays there on the surface. Which is extremely bad, because it can lead to problems like soil erosion, water pollution and flooding!

And you know what’s even worse about this? Everyone is still using this material, that’s right, everyone, ranging from companies, businesses and even countries that are still regulating the use of this damaging material!

Additionally architects are infiltrating massive, almost wacky structures that could lead to the huge parts of the environment to be taken over.

Let’s take South Korea for example. If you where to search up Seoul now and before on google you would see a huge change in not only the appearance of the city but the difference in landscape.

Before the country had much more trees and green scenery now the evolving country is turning into that of robot land!

Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with evolution and or evolving however the environment is dying and if there is a increase in these cool and wickedly exciting buildings without taking into account problems like increased carbon footprint, deforestation and or global warming, there maybe no place for countries to evolve!

So what can we do you say?

Let’s be honest we need architects however their concepts and structures not all but most create could need a little tweaking.

The introduction of nano-lime technology is not only environmentally friendly but also eco-sustainable; it’s reduced mechanical properties and slower setting time can be an alternative to using conventional and damaging products like cement.

Instead of introducing new, techie and overall naturally negative buildings architects could maybe include the natural scenery for the structure

Frank Lloyd was definitely customary to this. He involved the environment in most if not all of his buildings calling them an ‘’organic kind of architecture’’. Further architects could be pep talked into looking at his ideas which are way much more environmentally friendly than that of the increasing buildings seen today.

Furthermore I think architects are awesome however they may need to evaluate whether or not their ideas and materials used for these ideas are cool or just costly for the habitat because we don’t want architects to be the cause of the environments destruction…

Do we?