Influencers stop influencing!

Updated: Nov 17

By Ceanha

Over time influencers have been making a huge impact on peoples lives, whether this be fashion trends, makeup trends and or trends in general influencers are influencing


They are also influencing jobs, people’s livelihood and overall the ways in which people make a living, money, ‘mula’, ‘cash’ whatever you call it influencers are making it rain though they’re also influencing peoples job aspirations and here’s why

Recently due to current unfortunate times *cough cough* COVID there has been a massive increase in pitch sales for influencers

So much so that from $1.7billion (£1.2b) in 2016 influencer marketing statistics is estimated to have grown to the size of $9.7billion (£7b) in 2020 and is said to be expected by the end of this year (2021) to reach around $13.8billion (£10b).

In turn influencers make money and a whole a lot of it, this being many of the reasons adults, teens and even children turn away from the lifestyle of hardworking jobs like being an architect, pilot or a farmer

Yes I said a farmer, the career is unfortunately dying and with articles talking about ‘’10 reasons why you shouldn’t become an architect’’ and whether or not being a pilot is and I quote ‘’actually a good option’’ no wonder nobody wants to have either of these 3 careers.

So what do we do?

Influence, yep you heard me, with influencers like Dr Alex George, from love island, both being a doctor and influencer we can help motivate and drive the younger generation to having higher aspirations, than just sitting at home and take promotional photos of the newest lip kit from one of the hundreds of famous family billionaires makeup ‘’collab’’

Influencers can turn away from the various stereotypes of making money whilst doing nothing and or ‘’turning the younger generation into that of chaos and stupidness’’ said by the millions of millennials on the prowl to insult gen z for something. AGAIN.

We could create, build and make an environment whereby influencers aren’t just about their looks they can be both brainy and ‘fit’.

Now I’m not saying you should both have a job and influence, like being an influencer isn’t a job already but I’m just saying the promotion of various common jobs would also help.

Maybe the talking of what you originally wanted to be and or little pep talks about how you shouldn’t stop going to school all because of that one celeb that promoted that an eyeshadow colour and is now making millions.

We need common jobs and at the end of the day if everyone is an influencer who are we to influence?