Welcome to “The Yearbook: Class of GEN-ZiNE”, where we take a look at where we’ve been and where we’re going. As we arrive at the end of our college experience, we’re not only celebrating our accomplishments as a GEN-ZiNE team, but also celebrating those of young boundary breakers disrupting the norms of their respective industries. Throughout this journey, we have developed relationships with countless innovators, changemakers, and creatives who have come from our physical and virtual communities. They have inspired us with their curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, compassion, and dedication to community. 


In this issue, we highlight these fresh perspectives and individual journeys. We sat down with 40 of our Gen Z peers to learn more about not just what they do, but why they do it. While their individual accomplishments and attitudes are significant on their own, the greatest impact happens when we work together. We hope that through this special edition, you will get to know these inspiring individuals, but also get to see yourself reflected in their journeys and passions.


This issue features interviews, articles from our archives, and a changemaker workbook over the course of 200 pages. 

The Yearbook: Class of GEN-ZiNE