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Anushka studies Communication with minors in Media Economics and Entrepreneurship, and Visual Culture.


She is committed to designing media for social change. Anushka believes in the power of storytelling to empower communities by echoing unheard voices. 


When she’s not in the pits of despair about the fate of the world, Anushka can be found buried in piles of clothing at a flea market, reading, and writing. Raised in California, Anushka loves to adventure and spend her time outdoors exploring new places. She is happiest when she’s thinking critically, collaborating, and creating with her peers.

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Nikki is the Managing Editor of GEN-ZiNE as well as the Editor of the Lifestyle & Identity section. 


With a major in Social Sciences and minors in Gender & Social Justice and American Popular Culture, Nikki is passionate about investigating the intersection between politics, pop culture, and social change. 


Nikki spends time organizing young voters to get out to the polls. And besides writing for The Gen, Nikki enjoys reading anything from Vogue to Vice.

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Maddy is an Australian student based in Los Angeles, pursuing a degree in Architecture with a minor in Communications Design at the University of Southern California. 

Approaching design challenges head on, Maddy develops unique ways to graphically communicate interesting and challenging concepts. At GEN-ZiNE, she coordinates and oversees the production of creative assets used on all platforms produced by the design team and is responsible for branding and identity. 

If she's not strapped to her laptop, Maddy's probably pumping out latte art at the local coffee shop, providing the fuel everyone on the team needs. Thanks for all the coffee, Maddy!

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Studying Communication with a double minor in Business Law and Consumer Behavior


I write, I creatively strategize, I raise money for charities near and far. I hike, I yoga, and I golf. I know food (local and trendy) and drink my coffee with oat milk, only. As a generation z’er, I love my brands and value their messages and missions. At my core, I love to communicate with friends and strangers alike. I am passionate about making those around me happy.

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Studying Communication with a minor in Music Industry.


She is very passionate about music and loves going to concerts, throwing her own shows and uniting people through music. She also is driven by the power of technology and is committed to sharing stories through different channels to reach as many people as she can. 

Sam can be found most often listening to hours and hours of new music and sharing it with her listeners on her KXSC radio show or nose deep in a thriller novel. A New Yorker through and through, Sam loves to compare the flavors of LA food to NY (although, NY is better most of the time).

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Born and raised in Wisconsin, Jack is a Midwestern transplant to Los Angeles. He studies Spanish and Legal Studies at the University of Southern California.


Jack is committed to social and political change guided by his passion for law. His work is influenced by experience in multiple areas of study, including biology, international relations, psychology, language, and history. 


When he is not glued to the latest news report or nose-deep in a textbook, Jack is likely arguing existentialist philosophy with his roommates. Aside from his love for reading and writing, you can also find Jack experimenting with plant-based cuisine. An avid traveler fluent in Spanish, Jack is currently planning his next trip to Europe.

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Enrolled in USC’s Price School of Public Policy for his Master’s Degree, his undergraduate degree is in Political Science and Political Economics from USC as well. 


A firm optimist, he believes that politics can and should be used for the betterment of others. Governance gets a bad rap, and oftentimes deserves it and its Zac’s life goal to make our leadership work for us. 


When not nose deep in current affairs, school work, or playing for the USC Men’s Rugby Team, he can be found skiing or cooking. A proud New Englander from Providence, Rhode Island, he is a huge Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics fan. With so much to do in California, he is always looking for something new to explore.

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Blaire is a California native pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Dance.

Blaire assists GEN-ZiNE with social media assets, and she works with the executive team to further the growth of the platform’s social media presence.

Always working, Blaire is a frequent visitor of the library and local coffee shops.

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Studying Graphic Design with a minor in Cinema Studies.

Nicole combines her background in fine arts and illustration with graphic design to create compelling visual work. 

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Claire is a designer and student working and living in Los Angeles.


She is currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Design at USC and spends her spare time surfing and crafting. Currently, Claire is encouraging sustainable clothing design through teaching crochet and traditional textile making practices. 

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Dani is a photographer, designer, filmmaker, and art director working in both New York City and Los Angeles.


She is in the process of obtaining a degree from the University of Southern California in Art and Design and a minor in Documentary Production. Dani is passionate about delivering creative and inspiring stories that are as visually engaging as they are culturally and socially relevant and reflective.

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Kate Bowling is a senior studying business administration with a minor in communication design.

Kate is a creative and passionate individual exploring the intersection of business and design. She’s fascinated by the impact that visuals can have, and believes that good design has the power to change the world.

Originally from Kansas, Kate decided to switch things up and head out to California for school, and has absolutely loved it. In her free time, you’ll find her either spending time with friends, working on a passion project, or checking off another place from her coffee shop bucket list (she’s a bit of a coffee addict).

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